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Clown Punching Bag

This children's punching bag is perfect for learning how to fight and fight well. With its inflatable clown body and inflatable punches, this bag will make you and your children very successful. Get ready to teach your children how to fight and how to stay calm under pressure!

The Original 46

Blow Up Clown Punching Bag

The clown is back and this time he wants to be known as the "punching bag clown". He'll start by breaking through the bag's fabric and then pouncing on the bag's users. If you don't mind getting your nose squished in the air, then you can become the next in line for the punching bag clown.

Blow Up Punching Bag Clown

This is the original bozo the clown punching bag! It is 46 tall, 3d, and is made of durable materials. It is perfect for any fighter want to blow up! this inflatable clown punching bag is perfect for children who are learning how to use their fists to fight and fight in a fight. The bag can be used in the atmosphere of the gym to give children a place to fight their fight off. this inflatable clown punching bag is perfect for kids who are learning how to use their fists to fight and fight in a stand-up battle against their opponents. With its inflatable body and cloth cover, this bag makes it easy for kids to learn the basics of punching - from how to control the hand and avoid punching into something's face, to how to maintain your balance and fight to the end. Plus, this bag can be easily hired for any children-friendly event you might want to create, such as an elementary schooltech day or lunchtimeée de boxer at school. this is the vintage the original inflatable bozo the clown punching 3-d bop bag. It is 11" in diameter and has a blue and red visual paint job. It is filled with air and has a sound of one person punching through air. It is a fun way to fight off fatigue and extend your training.